A grateful life is a happy life. 


About Umoment

Umoment is a place for gratitude, mindfulness and happiness. Be aware of the good things happening around you and remember what makes you smile by keeping a Umoment diary. 

Umoment is a great mobile app joining you on the journey to focus on and spread more positivity. 

We want to make this earth a more mindful and happy place – one Umoment at a time.

Gratitude Diary

Many studies show that keeping a gratitude journal makes you happy and more aware of all the opportunities around you. That’s why we’ve created Umoment – a gratitude diary for your smartphone.


Why is it so hard to keep a positive diary? We forget about all the nice things happening everyday because there’s so much on our plate. Umoment and it’s customizable reminders help you keeping your focus on the good stuff and getting into the healthy habit of positive thinking.


Having a hard day? There are so many beautiful things happening around the world and the global community of Umoment app users cheer you up when times are tough.

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The Umoment Community

Umoment is not only a personal and completely private diary but also a community where you can share your moments of gratitude and put a smile on people’s faces if you wish to do so.


„I like Umoment because I finally started keeping my diary again. Thanks to the reminders I reflect every night before sleeping.“

– Julia

„There are so many beautiful little things out there and thanks to Umoment I see and enjoy them everywhere I go.“

– Joshua



„I always have Umoment with me because it reminds me to be aware of my surroundings and grateful for all the day-to-day opportunities.“

– Ben

Get Started

We hope you want to use Umoment too. Download the app on the Apple App Store now and start collecting your happy Umoments.


Make a Gift

We are very happy that you are using Umoment and we hope it does you good. 

Umoment is an initiative that grows thanks to donations from people like you.

Please donate what feels right securely and easily via PayPal for simple payments and donations.

Thank you so much for your contribution to the Umoment community!

You’re great 

How Did Umoment Change Your Life? 

Let us know how Umoment works for you. We love feedback!

Terms of Service 

Here you find the terms of service and privacy policy of Umoment. 

We hope you enjoy using Umoment and we are grateful for you letting us be a part of your journey to more positivity, gratitude and happiness in your life.